Little Cottonwood Draft EIS Public Hearing Recording - July 20, 2021
Little Cottonwood Draft EIS Public Hearing Recording - July 13, 2021
LCC Draft EIS Preferred Alternatives Overview - June 25, 2021
LCC EIS National Environmental Policy Act Process Video

LCC Draft EIS Summary Fact Sheet

LCC Draft EIS Preferred Alternatives Overview Presentation

LCC Draft EIS Executive Summary

LCC Draft EIS Evaluation Process Fact Sheet

LCC Draft EIS Fact Sheets

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LCC Draft EIS Volume 4

LCC DEIS Volume 4 (PDF, 166 MB)

LCC DEIS Cover & Table of Contents – V4
LCC DEIS Chapter 13 – Ecosystem Resources
LCC DEIS Chapter 13A – Pertinent Correspondence
LCC DEIS Chapter 13B – Riparian Habitat Conservation Areas Assessment Memorandum
LCC DEIS Chapter 14 – Floodplains
LCC DEIS Chapter 15 – Cultural Resources
LCC DEIS Chapter 15A – Architectural Resources
LCC DEIS Chapter 15B – Determinations of Eligibility and Findings of Effect
LCC DEIS Chapter 16 – Hazardous Materials and Waste Sites
LCC DEIS Chapter 17 – Visual Resources
LCC DEIS Chapter 17A – Key Observation Points for the Enhanced Bus Service and Gondola Alternatives
LCC DEIS Chapter 17B – Key Observation Points for the Cog Rail Alternative
LCC DEIS Chapter 18 – Energy
LCC DEIS Chapter 19 – Construction Impacts
LCC DEIS Chapter 20 – Indirect Effects
LCC DEIS Chapter 21 – Cumulative Impacts
LCC DEIS Chapter 22 – Short-term Uses versus Long-term Productivity
LCC DEIS Chapter 23 – Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources
LCC DEIS Chapter 24 – Permits, Reviews, Clearances, and Approvals
LCC DEIS Chapter 25 – Mitigation Summary
LCC DEIS Chapter 26 – Section 4(f) and Section 6(f) Evaluation
LCC DEIS Chapter 26A – USDA Forest Service Letter Regarding Section 4(f) Determination for Climbing Boulders
LCC DEIS Chapter 26B – De Minimis Correspondence
LCC DEIS Chapter 27 – Public and Agency Consultation and Coordination
LCC DEIS Chapter 28 – U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Forest Plan Amendments
LCC DEIS Chapter 29 – List of Preparers
LCC DEIS Chapter 30 – Distribution
LCC DEIS Chapter 31 – Index


UDOT held an open house and public hearings to answer questions and receive public input on the preferred alternatives, the environmental impacts associated with each and other transportation performance considerations. Recordings are available to view.

In-Person Public Hearing

July 13, 2021 4:30 – 8:30pm
Butler Middle School, Cottonwood Heights, UT

Virtual Public Hearing

July 20, 2021 6:00 – 8:30pm
ZOOM Webinar

Hard Copies of the Draft EIS are Available for Review at the Following Locations:

  • Whitmore Library, 2197 Fort Union Boulevard, Cottonwood Heights
  • Anderson-Foothill Library at 1135 S 2100 E, Salt Lake City
  • Viridian West Jordan Library, 8030 S 1825 W, West Jordan
  • Cottonwood Heights City Building at 2277 Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights
  • Utah Department of Transportation, 4501 South 2700 West, Salt Lake City