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UDOT released the Final EIS on Aug. 31, 2022 and identified Gondola Alternative B as the preferred alternative to improve transportation in the canyon. Gondola B best meets the project purpose and need and provides the highest travel reliability for the public. A 45-day public review and comment period was open Sept. 2 to Oct. 17, 2022.

UDOT released two supplementary information reports for inventoried roadless area impacts and updated air quality modeling on March 17, 2023 and a public review and comment period was open from March 19 to April 18, 2023.

FINAL EIS Supplemental Information

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Supplemental Information Report - Assessment of the Roadless Area Conservation Rule for the Final EIS Alternatives

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Air Quality Supplemental Information Technical Report

Air Quality Modeling and Software Data

**This file contains air quality modeling and software data.

Recognizing that safety, mobility and reliability are issues on S.R. 210 today, and that it may take years to secure federal, state and/or private funding for full implementation of Gondola Alternative B, UDOT proposed a phased implementation plan starting with components of the Enhanced Bus Service.

The proposed phasing would include increased and improved bus service as described in the Enhanced Bus Service Alternative (with no canyon roadway widening), tolling or restrictions on single occupancy vehicles, and the construction of mobility hubs. UDOT would also proceed with widening and other improvements to Wasatch Boulevard, constructing snow sheds, and implementing trailhead and roadside parking improvements, as funding allows.

These improvements will improve air quality, protect the watershed, and increase the quality of life for residents and canyon users by reducing traffic congestion as private vehicles shift to transit.

FINAL EIS Materials

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Final EIS Preferred Alternatives Video: Part 1 - Aug. 31, 2022
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Final EIS Preferred Alternatives Video: Part 2 - Aug. 31, 2022
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LCC EIS National Environmental Policy Act Process Video

Final EIS Summary Fact Sheet

Final EIS Executive Summary

Final EIS Fact Sheets

Summary of Revisions to Alternatives

Final EIS Documents

Final EIS Comments

UDOT made the public comments received during the Final EIS comment period available for public review on November 7, 2022. The project team is currently doing a comprehensive review of all comments received on the Final EIS, but has not completed this review process.

Volume 1: Final EIS Comments Database

Volume 2: Longer Comments

Volume 3: Email Attachments

Volume 4: Mailed Comments